Conditions Treated

Craniosacral Therapy aims at getting to the root cause of injuries, ailments, stresses and strains of everyday life and treating the cause rather than the symptoms.

Stress, Anxiety, Poor Sleep Patterns

Many times, the emotional symptoms that we experience during trauma remain unresolved.

In order for these emotional aspects of trauma to heal permanently, a mind-body connection has to be made.

CST focuses on establishing a strong mind-body connection for the release of emotional trauma and the resolution of physical symptoms.

CST uses a technique called “Somato-Emotional Release” that aims to free the body and mind of the emotional and psychological aspects of trauma. Therapeutic Imagery and Dialogue is used in assisting the non-conscious part of us to communicate with the conscious mind.

This technique can be used to talk to our fears and phobias, pains, self-loathing and sometimes people from our past or present lives. It allows us to desensitize the raw emotions slowly so that we can finally look at the event and process the emotions and let them go. 

Distressed Babies

(Colic/Flux, Constipation, Sleep problems, Teething/Ear Infections)

CST is very effective for the treatment of Colic which is a very distressing and painful condition of muscle spasm of an infant’s digestive tract. The long muscular tube of the gut, through which all the food passes, is controlled involuntarily by the Vagus Nerve. This nerve leaves the brain and passes out of the skull between the temporal and occipital bones at the back of the head. During birth these bones can get jammed together and the gap where the nerve exits the head can compress or trap the nerve. This may in turn irritate or inflame the nerve or cause it to become hyperactive, causing the gut to contract or induce spasms.

CST can greatly relieve this by gently releasing the restricted skull - bones and thereby releasing tension and compression on the Vagus Nerve. Normal nerve function is thus restored thereby stopping the gut spasms and relieving any pain or discomfort in the baby and improving sleep and overall contentment.

Headaches and Migraines

CST is very effective for the treatment of Migraine which usually affects one side of the head, and is thought to affect the nerve system and blood supply, particularly in the head. It is believed that the trigeminal nerve in particular is affected.

Craniosacral therapy works with the membranes that surround the central nervous system where it can find and release areas of tension that are impinging on nerve supply, and release areas of soft tissue that may be hypertonic, inflamed giving improved nerve, lymph and blood flow.


CST is very effective for the treatment of Asthma which results in abnormal tension in certain areas of body tissue, particularly in the pelvic and abdomen as well as the chest. This tension interferes with the nerves to the respiratory system causing them to malfunction, which produces the typical symptoms of tight chest and narrow airways. Some of these muscles also connect, or interface, with the respiratory diaphragm causing restriction.

The tension can develop through accidents, other illnesses and fevers, scar tissue from operations and emotional issues. It can happen as early as the birthing process which can be quite traumatic for the baby. Remove the tension and the symptoms disappear.

Craniosacral Therapists aims at getting to the root cause of Asthma, and treating that, rather than the symptoms.

Chronic Neck,

Back Pain and Sciatica

CST is very effective for the treatment of Sciatica which is a painful condition involving strain or damage to the sciatic nerve, which begins in your spine and runs down your leg. The solution is to get the piriformis muscle (the thigh rotator) to relax, thereby taking the pressure off the sciatic nerve. Sometimes the whole area can be in spasm, so several muscles will need to be treated, but this is usually something that can be resolved in two or three treatments, which most people find a painless and relaxing experience.

CST Therapists determine the root cause depending on whether the pain experienced is acute or chronic and where the underlying cause of the pain originates. CST has been used extensively to treat sciatica pain.