About Me

Donal Bagnall is an accredited CST therapist  with the Irish Association of Craniosacaral Therapists (IACT).
Donal has been practicing CST in the Cork area for over 3 years.

Each session is ensured to be tailored to your needs, from treating injury and/or specific cases, to simply melting away the stresses of the day.

"I work with the belief that we all desire a life where we can be free from pain, fear and anxiety. As a CST therapist, I facilitate clients help to themselves to find better health and reach their full potential. My job is to create the space where each person can trust their own inner-power to identify where their health and wellbeing can be improved by relieving their body of physiological and psychological restriction that are creating the pain and discomfort in their lives. " - Donal Bagnall CST-T