About CST

CST is a form of therapy that is a gentle, compassionate, light "hands-on" way of treatment. It is designed to release restrictions in the brain, spinal cord and the tissues of the body.

CST is a complimentary form of therapy that can be used for babies, children, adolescents and adults to ease the body from any constraints or tensions. 


How is CST Performed?

How does a CST Session Work?

It is important for the therapist to get a brief medical history and a general picture of your health to establish where any unresolved problems may have originated. Generally, the client lie on their back on a treatment table.

If it is too difficult to like down or in the case of children who like to move around, the treatment will be geared to the client’s need/demands on the day of the treatment session.

The client remains fully clothed throughout the session. Light, loose-fitting clothing is rommended asmore comfortable. You will probably be asked to remove your shoes, and a belt if you are wearing one.

Your therapist will probably start at your feet, and gradually work up your body with their hands gently monitoring your craniosacral motion to locate areas of tension, and check for freedom in the cranial bones. They will then proceed to work with whatever area of tension is most prevalent. Most treatments will last forty-five to fifty minutes.

" CST has aided so many adults with all types of ailments, whether it be pain, skin conditions, anxiety, depression, releasing old traumas, injuries, childhood conditioning/memories and beliefs. " - Donal Baganll CST-T